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T.5 Equal sides

Y.1 Count equal groups

Y.2 Identify multiplication sentences for equal groups

W.8 Make fourths

M.3 Place value models-up to thousands

IXL: Science

K.3 Read and construct flowering plant life cycle digrams

IXL: Social Studies

E.7 Easter

B.14 Amelia Earhart

IXL: Language Arts

S.2 Determine the topic and purpose of informational passages

OO.7 Unscramble the words to make a complete sentence

YY.3 Commas with the names of places

C.3 Spell the word with a consonant blend

Reading Story-Firefighter, AR quiz 904620, test 81-84

Math worksheets for grade: 94, 95, 96, 97

Spelling worksheets for grade: 81, 82, Spelling test

Grammar worksheets for grade: 83, 84

Science worksheets for grades: 57-61

Social Studies worksheet for grade: Map 11

Reading worksheets for grade: 54, 57

Scholastic News: Too Dry for a Toad

Spelling words: cheerful, visitor, slowly, weekly, teacher, helper, hardly, graceful, yearly, quickly, fighter, sailor BONUS: gardener, competitor, extremely

MYON: Read 2 books daily on your level